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First and Second Floors are Complete!

The First Floor was Dedicated to God in October of 2004.

Mukama Mulungee! (God is Good!)

Already Meeting the Need!
Ray of Hope Medical Center  

Monique Mubiru and Terri Clark

April 2009

For twenty years, Monique, a trained nurse, has treated many patients with AIDS, Malaria and many infectious diseases out of a small room in her home in Ntinda.

To meet the ever-increasing need for health services, Monique's church is partnering with Terri Clark Ministries to build a three-story medical center in the village of Ntinda.

Relying upon outside support, this process has been slow.

God, however, is ever-faithful to see that the work that was begun by faith is completed to the end.

The first and second floors are now completed and have already brought medical help to hundreds of people in need.

While the third phase of construction proceeds, Monique and her staff of four nurses and two local doctor's will treat patients.

Medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals are minimal for such a great need. Even so, as Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes, thousands of local people are helped by this growing medical center.
Medical Center as of June 2008

Artist's Rendition

of Completed

Ray of Hope Medical Center

Three Story Construction
  • First Floor: Pharmacy, Waiting Room, Labor Room, Surgical Theatre, Recovery Room, Doctor's office, Director's office, Two Exam Rooms, Two toilets, Shower
  • Second Floor: Women's In-patient ward, Nursery, Laboratory, Nurses' Quarters
  • Third Floor: Men's and Children's In-patient ward
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