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Shadow's From the Past
Learning your new spouse in a second marriage.

Discipline Discord
Balancing discipline in a
Blended Family

Blended Families

    The Brady Bunch seemed to have it so easy, but anyone struggling to join their family in a new marriage after divorce or death knows that problems are never solved in thirty minute episodes. "Tying the Family Knot" relates the hardships and the hard knocks of blending families from the perspective of one who went through the fire of divorce, remarriage and step-motherhood herself. The warm, engaging style of this book encourages readers to shatter the statistics of divorce in second marriages by making Christ, commitment and communication the knot for blending families to wrap around.

    Filled with practical tips and foundational wisdom for stepfamilies, each page examines the every-day struggles of a swiftly growing but largely ignored domestic population--the blended family. Terri Clark uses her years of professional speaking experience to weave stories from her own life into a powerful testimony of how God tied together a family of tangles and frayed ends. Addressing challenges ranging from power struggles, and expanding households to holiday visitation exchanges, couples will find tactful solutions and spiritual guidance in this scripture-based outline for successful blending.

Terri Clark is a popular guest on numerous radio programs nationwide including:


Featured Excerpts from Terri's book, "Tying the Family Knot":

  • Tying the Family Knot was featured on with an excerpt from the book on blending your family through the holiday.
  • When we blend our new families together, there are new faces at the table for everyone. Click to read another featured excerpt from Terri's book.
  • One of the first questinos to surface in a new blended family is, "What do I call him?" featured an excerpt from Terri's book on the subject of how to address the new stepparent.
  • Trouble with your ex? You can read Terri's article entitled "The Perplexes of the Exes" featured in the Newsletter in their archives (or read the article here). You can also listen to Terri's interviews on FamilyLife Today with Dennis Rainey by clicking here.


Book Endorsement:

"Tying the Family Knot", written by Terri Clark, is a significant book, a timely book, and an important book for all of us in the body of Christ.  We all deal with, or are ourselves, in blended families. and I believe that Terri has addressed the issues and given significant solutions to the issues that are well grounded spiritually.  I wholeheartedly recommend this book."

                                                                                              ~Ron Blue

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