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A Winding Road
An illustration from one of Terri's Spyder Riding experiences--How Jesus lights our way in the dark and unexpected twisty roads of life.

Shadow's From the Past
Learning your new spouse in a second marriage.

Discipline Discord
Balancing discipline in a
Blended Family

Terri Clark

National & International Speaker: 
  Igniting Faith through the love of Jesus, Terri challenges her audience to move beyond a superficial profession of faith to a supernatural walk with God.  Professional & Engaging, Since 1994, Terri has brought challenging messages of hope and encouragment peppered with humor to Women's Conferences, Seminars, Retreats & Workshops across the United States and around the world.  Terri prayerfully prepares every presentation specifically for the ones to whom God is sending her.  Through vivid story-telling, humor, and sound instruction, Terri's messages are designed to “quicken” or “unclutter” your faith to see God’s Word with fresh clarity and help you recognize the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit in the noisy world in which we live.

Marriage & Family Ministry: Biblical, practical, and tangible help to couples struggling to hold their marriages and families together in a world that devalues the Covenant of marriage.  Having experienced the devastating pain and loss of divorce and the emotional struggle of remarriage and blending a family as a Christian, Terri's messages are relatable and relavent to the 21st century couple.  Board Certified Biblical Counselor-American Association Christian Counselors; Contributing Member-Association Marriage & Family Ministries.  

Missionary:  Terri was first bit by the mission bug in 2001 on her solo trip to Uganda.  Since then she has partnered in ministry with Ray of Hope Ministries to establish the Child Education Sponsorship Program, Build the Ray of Hope Medical Center and Lead Short-term mission teams to Uganda.  Terri also travels to many other nations with ministry friends and partners to ignite and encourage God's people around the world.  Terri's ministry has touched people groups in India, Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Kenya, Uganda and Mexico.

Author: Blended Family? HELP! 2010, An e-book revision of Terri's former book, Tying the Family Knot; Meeting the Challenges of a Blended Family, 2004 Broadman & Holman Publishing.

Columnist:  LifeWay's Parenting Teens (Formerly Living with Teenagers Magazine); The Right Blend—A monthly column for parenting teens in a stepfamily.  Since 2006  (Additionally, Terri Clark has written numerous articles in many other publications including Focus on the Family's Thriving Family Magazine & Home Life and Parent Life.)

President & Founder of Terri Clark Ministries, Inc., A non-profit, 501c3 tax-exempt corporation.

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American Association of Christian Counselors,
Biblical Counselor & Life Coach

Association of Marriage & Family Ministries

The Stepfamily Foundation, Inc.
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World Ministry Fellowship
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A video glimpse of Terri Clark Ministries in Uganda

The Old Gray Chair

Some of us, who once burned brightly for Jesus, find ourselves going through the motions, living out a mediocre faith, even seeing our flames burning out.  In a time of increasing wickedness in the world, and the return of Christ drawing near, Believers are examining their own spiritual health and walk with God. 

If this describes you, sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and click on the link above to be encouraged by Terri's message, The Old Gray Chair.